The Lithium Ultimate Budget Off Grid Solar System | 3kVA Apollo Matrix | 5kWh Battery | 2.34kW Solar





The Lithium Ultimate Budget is designed for those that are looking for a system to run their weekender or shed. This option is a great mid budget option where you may not be able to justify spending top dollar on an off grid system but where you also don’t want to get a cheap transformer-less inverter which don’t tend to last very long before needing replacing.

The Apollo Matrix All-in-one Inverter Charger features a low frequency toroidal transformer meaning it has the grunt to run heavier loads such as air conditioners and pumps that cheap high frequency inverters can’t run. The beauty of a low frequency inverter creates its 240v power with a transformer with only two moving parts. Compared to a high frequency inverter which has thousands of capacitors creating 240v with high frequency it has hundreds more moving parts meaning a significantly higher chance of failure, and also without a transformer it doesn’t have the ability to handle surge capacity for air conditioners and pumps that have a high start up current.

. 5 kWh Battery Storage
. 3 kVA Inverter
. 2.34 kW Solar Array

. Built by Commodore’s high skilled Electricians who have spent years in the industry
. Programmed and tested by our Electricians, which means you aren’t reading through pages and pages of difficult-to-understand literature to get your system working
. Clean Energy Council approved

. Power Output 2400W Continuous (6000W Peak)
. Battery Storage/Capacity 5kWh
. Max Solar Input (Per MPPT, More Can Be Added) 6kW
. Battery Voltage 48V
. Generator Input 240V (Hardwired)
. Automatic Generator Start Yes (Programmed By Commodore)
. Total System Weight 290kg (including solar, batteries & pre-wired board)
. System Monitoring 1. TBB Nova Online Monitoring Portal (View Live From Phone Or Laptop)
. 2. Touch Screen Fitted To The Pre-Wired Board
. Pre-Wired Board Dimensions 350mm (h) x 1100mm (w) x 1100 (l)

The Lithium Ultimate Budget Includes
Pre-Wired & Programmed Board | Pre-wired, programmed, tested and ready for an electrician to connect the recommended solar panels, pre-wired boards make off-grid easy. Pre-wired boards need to be installed in a shed/indoors/out of the weather as they are only IP20 rated
TBB Apollo Matrix 3kVA Inverter Charger + 150V/90A MPPT (Max 6kW Solar Input) | The TBB Inverter Charger converts the DC 48V Battery and Solar power to usable 240V power, the inbuilt charger also allows it to accept a generator or other AC inputs to charge batteries. Additionally the Apollo Matrix has a built in 150V/90A MPPT Solar Charger which can accept up to 6kW of solar
1 x 5kWh Aeson Lithium Batteries (5kWh total) | With the advanced LiFePO4 cell technology and smart BMS, the product has the benefit of long cycle life, small size, lightweight, high safety, environmental protection and strong environmental adaptability, it is ideal for backup and energy storage application even in harsh outdoor environments.
2.34kW Solar Array (6 x 390W Solar Panels) | A have shown why they are one of the biggest names in the Solar Industry by providing high quality panels, built to stand the test of time. The panels are measured at the following voltages:
Open Circuit: 41.94V
Maximum Power: 35.33V
Short Circuit Current: 11.58

TBB Nova + Touch Screen | TBB E4 is an intelligent central LCD touch monitor, providing intuitive, local, and real-time control and monitoring for all TBB off-grid systems and energy storage systems. Meanwhile, it can connect the system to the TBB NOVA online portal to monitor the system remotely.
Battery Cabling & Isolators | We pre-wire and programme your system from start to finish, including full isolation and relevant cabling to reduce your voltage drop between every system component to ensure your Commodore system performs as specified in your system design
Solar Racking, Cabling & Isolators | We include enough racking, clips, cabling and isolators for your solar to be connected to your system safely and securely. We use Clenergy, a widely trusted and used brand in the solar industry to mount your solar panels